Peer Review Specimen Books – Kassidy Kievit

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I  decided to take a look at my peer Kassidy Kiev’s specimen book. I really enjoyed the colors she used. they complimented each other very nicely. I also enjoyed the elements she used when designing this specimens book. The designer achieves the personality of Futura through the use of shapes and placements on letters in a very modern way. Through the entire class I learned about Futura and I realized it is one of my favorite typefaces – in looking at this specimen book the favoritism increases! I think this specimen book was extremely successful and Kassidy did a great job in creating elements that resemble Futura.





Peer Review Specimen Books: Helvetica

For my peer review, I decided to look at Carly Warner’s Helvetica type specimen booklet. Helvetica is a commonly used typeface and can be recognized as the type used in the NYC Subway system. I’ve seen the subway signs a few times, but I never recognized the font as Helvetica, at the time. I love that she used the Subway theme for her booklet. The red, blue, black, and white, and the different arrows and shapes create the subway feel.

She goes through and shows the alphabet in upper and lowercase, numbers & symbols, and weights, point sizes & leading, handwritten versions, and tips on how to identify it. I really love the front cover of the booklet. The layering of the outlined letters with the black letters and the blue shape behind the “v” look really good. Similar text layering can be seen throughout the book. My favorite spread is the one with the descriptive words and handwritten letters. Carly’s handwritten letters are super good and I appreciate the fact that she drew the entire alphabet as opposed to only a few letters. The layering of the descriptive words looks very nice too. I like that she used different opacities & sizes, so certain words like “classic” and “edgy” stand out.


Carly’s type specimen booklet uses very bold colors and large type. I can see that Helvetica, while clean and classic, can be bold and sharp. The informative and fun design of this type specimen booklet, makes me want to try out and use Helvetica more, because I have not used it often in the past.

Peer Review Specimen Books

This Booklet was done by Megan Holzwarth. I loved how well the booklet brought out Optima’s personality. We learned that the font is commonly used in makeups and beauty products so the design looks like a makeup palette which I though was really cool. I also love the classy color scheme that was used. It lets people know that optima is modern, sophisticated, simple  and clean!

Specimen Book Peer Review

The specimen book that stood out to me was Hanna Cavanagh’s. I was really interested in how she portrayed Frutiger through the use of airport imagery. She made it very clear what the typeface is used for without making the book about the history of the typeface. She made good use of the glyphs as well to add to the mood of the font. I think she chose words that really showcased the font and added to the French feeling and the feeling of giving direction.

Peer Review Specimen Book

Steven’s Palatino type specimen book really caught my attention. The beautifully designed cover drew me in to see what this typeface is all about. The color scheme used works very well as the light blue works well with the tan color, the black negative space, & all of the white space. I feel that all of the white space helps the viewer decide what to look at. Each page is designed well and very professionally. I love the design choice of the page numbers in the upper right corners of each page and I also love the portrait of the typeface inventor. Steven’s book does an excellent job at advertising Palatino.


Peer Review Specimen Book: Trebuchet

I chose to review Caroline’s Trebuchet specimen book. Her book had triangular panels which folded outward,  making the structure of the book very unique. The triangular panels helped illustrate the literal meaning of trebuchet : a form of a medieval catapult. As stated in her book, the Trebuchet fonts are intended to be the vehicle that fires your messages across the Internet. This concept is excellently illustrated by the use of staggered thin lines, almost as if the text is moving at a fast speed. Caroline did a very thorough job of executing the personality of Trebuchet.


Peer Review Specimen Book: Futura

For our peer review I chose a Futura specimen book created by Eliza Greenberg.  This book jumped out at me because of the color scheme (black, red, white and yellow), size of the book, and geometric design.  I love seeing the history of the font and being able to read more about it before exploring the beauty of the text.  The page dedicated to font families is crisp and clean, allowing the viewer to get a real sense of how the font looks whether it is medium or condensed extra bold.  The small accents of dotted and filled lines carry your eye from page to page.  I would have liked to see a quote or excerpt displaying the font in different sizes as well. Overall I think this specimen book is very successful.