Identifying Fonts


In analyzing different type faces shown in prominent companies such as FedEx and even Calvin Klein. I noticed the usage of Futura occurs a lot. Futura has many different weights and therefore makes it that much more versatile.

Taking a look at FedEx’s logo and their usage of Futura. They went for a more bold look and even had a hard to miss meaning if you were not looking for it within it’s logo. The arrow! The arrow is a symbol to say how quick and speedy their services are. I enjoy that use of Futura. 

Looking at Calvin Klein’s logo, I greatly enjoy taking a look at the simplicity of the logo. Calvin is a fashion designer and having a logo as clean and simple as that show his elegance. Also a great use of Futura.

These different uses of Futura on a smaller scale showcases its simplicity as well as its boldness. I really enjoy this font and I think it makes a statement.


Identifying Fonts


I did some research of the Arizona Ice Tea Logo since I’m always drinking their products. After some research and some testing on Whatthefont & Identifont, I decided that this font is closest to a sans serif font called Arab Brushstroke. I’m very fond of this logo because of how bold and eye-catching the letters are. The “A” and “Z” extend past the baseline to give a kind of playful feeling. There’s some variation between the thinnest and thickest part of the type and the letters are very curvy which displays the easy-going nature of the brand. The shadows behind the letters are a nice touch and also gives you a warm feeling. In conclusion, I feel that this logo/typeface represents the drinks and the feel of this company perfectly .

Arab Brushstroke Typeface


Identifying Fonts- Hanna Cavanagh

After using Identifont, Helvetica compressed seemed like the font used in the grey anatomy title. The way I could tell was the R and the M. The M has the same thickness all the way through just like pretty much all of the letters and it is really compact. The uppercase R curls out instead of coming straight down which was another give away.

Wacom logo

I have a small Wacom tablet sitting next to me so I figured to give the logo a whirl. I brought the logo into WhatTheFont and discovered something interesting, the best suggestion is called Moderna Unicase Medium. Unicase indicates there are no upper/lowercase letters in this font, it’s just one alphabet. Moderna was designed by Mendoza Vergara in 2013 and it’s described as “a sans serif family inspired in simplicity of Modernism.” This typeface coincides well with Wacom, a modern technology-based company. As you see in the pictures below, the W,O, and M are exactly the same, but Wacom slightly changed the A and C. The A no longer has a bowl/counter since the top of the counter is disconnected to the stem. The terminals on the C in the logo have been cut down to open up the space in the letter. Overall this font is neutral and clean and Wacom did a good job creating minor changes to make it unique.


Identifying Fonts: The North Face

The North Face uses a font that is very similar to Helvetica Bold. The font they use is a commercial font that can be downloaded at:  This font is very noticeably similar to Helvetica becasue of the curvature on the bottom of the capital R. All of the letters have a flat edge that is a perfectly straight line. The capital A is identical to Helvetica Bold with a straight line on the top. Just like Helvetica, this font has a slightly smaller middle line in the capital E.Image result for close up of northface logothe-north-face-logo

Identifying Fonts: Birkenstock Logo


While thinking of a type to identify, the Birkenstock logo was one of the first things to come to mind. The type is unique in many different ways. It has a bold, rounded feel. The counter of the O is squished, the top of the T is short and stubby, the C is rather squished as well, and the legsscreenshot-birkenstock of both the R and the K directly touch the stem. Additionally, where the tails and the stems meet, it is rounded off.

To help me discover what font this was, I uploaded the logo to However, the type identifier wasn’t very helpful. It came up with several fonts that looked similar, but none that matched it exactly. I tried the question identifier on identifont with no luck as well. So, I took to google to see if anybody else knew what it was, but it appears that the type is unidentified thus far. This makes me believe that Birkenstock took one of these fonts and slightly altered it to make it their own. Out of the fonts suggested fonts, I would say that this looks most like Bernino Sans Compressed ExtraBold.


Identifying Fonts: Nivea


For this assignement, I chose the typeface used on a lotion logo.The brand is Nivea and it uses a unique, bold typeface in its design. I found the “N” particularly interesting because of the pointed ends of its stroke. The “A” also stood out because the bold crossbar that was low on the letter. To figure out what font the lotion brand uses, I used What The Font and uploaded a picture. The result was a typeface called GP Metro bold. But when I searched what typeface the brand used, it turned out that the brand used a Nivea Bold font, like the brand name.