Expressive Type – Flow

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In looking at this graphic that focuses on motion. When I see the colors chosen and the word I think the design was able to show motion. The form of blue express and show water and with the words “Just Go With The Flow” it reflects the motion of the water. I think the use of white was a good choice because it balances well with the blue. My eye follows through with the “water”which “flows” through the ocean.




7th blog post : Expressive Type


Above is a picture of a boy crying that is strongly reinforced by text that forms a hand that appears to be choking the small boy. The artist takes what would still be a very strong picture on its own in a small boy crying, but then adds an adult’s hand made up of hateful words choking the boy. Not only is the image of an adult choking a kid strong, when you add all the hateful speech that’s accompanied in the fist, the image gets even stronger. The image of an adult possibly choking a small child and calling him a “moron,” “jerk,” and/or “pig,” while doing it is just disgusting.  I think this artist used typography along with this photo perfectly. It intensifies the message extremely.

Expressive Type

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I found this poster for a piano player’s show, by Sara Westermann, on Pinterest. The brush strokes creating the g, illustrate the movement of the piano player’s body. When pianists play, they often sway back and forth. You can see how the stroke of the g’s bowl defines the path where the man’s head is going. The descender stroke shows where his lower body is positioned. The white spaces in the stroke also help create a sense of movement.

Expressive Type

11cbca0f806e8ce3ef0075873031e3c3.jpgI think these poster successfully used type to create an expressive piece. Yes there is some expression on the two musicians faces however most of the energy in the poster comes from the shapes the words are making. If the type wasn’t expressive these posters would be average. I love how just by the shapes the words are making you get the feeling of emotion and music exploding out of the instruments, and the instruments themselves are made from the shapes of the words. They’re not in the exact shapes of instruments however you can tell.

Expressive Type

These two posters use expressive type amazingly well. The type is beautifully positioned to make it look like the instrument he’s playing. The way the type is written gives the pictures a great sense of motion and energy, acting as the sound waves that the instruments produce. The way the artist used typography in these compositions is definitely a huge inspiration and I will keep this piece in mind in my future projects.