Typographic Ornaments

I found these glyphs that are included in a book called “The Little Book of Typographic Ornaments” by David Jury. The ornaments in his book date back to the 1700’s and are from the type foundries and specimen books of that time. These ornaments are very beautiful and elaborate. I could see these on a very lavish wedding invitation or a very nice hotel logo/identity.ornaments-blog


Fonts in Use – Typographic Resources

The Fonts in Use website is a very good resource for typography. It shows hundreds of fonts and how they are used in the real world. If you click on a typeface, it gives a brief description and also several ways its used for companies and real world displays. You can choose a category to see how fonts are used for advertising, fashion, art, etc. fonts-in-use

Expressive Type

This Poster for James Brown is and example of expressive type. I really enjoyed how playful and high energy this poster is. The words around his head spread out in a motion that makes it feel like he’s singing loudly.  I think this does a good job of expressing movement and energy through type. The way they swirled the text in his face to show his features is really interesting.blog-expressive-type

Enduro Magazine : Table of Contents

This table of contents caught my eye because of its simple design and layout. I really enjoy how they used the white space to make the page flow. I like the tile format for the pictures because it adds a modern touch. Everything looks really neat and orderly. I like the blue line underneath the title which draws it back to the Issue 1 Line. The spaces between the pictures is really nice.table-of-contents

Peer Review Specimen Book

I chose Carly Warner’s specimen book on Helvetica to review. I really enjoyed the front cover of her book. I liked the use of airport or subway numbers and letters. I liked the color scheme of the book as well as the cohesive style. I like the color blocking to separate the text on each page. I liked how on each  page the letters were outlined in some way. On the front page the letters were outlined with a line and on the inside they were outlined using thicker color strips which I liked. My favorite page of the book was the page with the handlettering. I liked how the words almost looked like chalk and the words were overlapped in different opacities. img_0095img_0092

Rhythm of Hierarchy

The Blue Mountain Music Festival flyer used A B C hierarchy for the design.  The main focus of the flyer is the title of the festival which is shown in the largest letters and at the top. From there the text size decreased and had less of an emphasis on them. I liked the color bubbles around each group of text but it becomes somewhat hard to read near the bottom. I think the color of the text in the last section is very similar and it becomes confusing to the viewer. Overall I think they did a good job but if the text was different, it might’ve been more successful.festival-flyer