Online Font Libraries

The two fonts I chose are Rufina and Pavanam from Google Fonts. I like when a serif font and a sans serif font go with each other. Especially when you are trying to chunk information, its good to have two distinct looking fonts. Here is what they look like together:



Expressive Type


This image by New Balance, uses the motion of the runner not only in his running pose, but also having the words look wrinkled onto his uniform/skin. Kind of like how your clothes normally cringe when you run! it is reinforcing the motion by making the type look like its moving in a direction, shaped to the athlete.

Table of Contents


This is a table of contents from a 2006 Runner’s World magazine. The grid system used here is a nice large heading, one large photo on the left hand side with its caption and the one right hand column with the other featured articles listed. Each feature has its page number, followed by the title on blue, a short summary and then the author in bold.

Emphasis is most used for the title and the photo since it is so large. They really want people to read that article. Also the text and photos relate because the photo is for an article about a guy who lost weight, as well as the some of the titles are under another sub title called “Get Fit, Stay Fit.” Those two things work hand in hand.

Peer Review Specimen Books

This Booklet was done by Megan Holzwarth. I loved how well the booklet brought out Optima’s personality. We learned that the font is commonly used in makeups and beauty products so the design looks like a makeup palette which I though was really cool. I also love the classy color scheme that was used. It lets people know that optima is modern, sophisticated, simple  and clean!

Hierarchy Rhythm

This is the Mysteryland 2016 Full Lineup Poster. This is a music festival that attracts a lot of young people which is why I think the colors work well here. Layout wise type size was used to show who the headliners are and who are the  most well known artists. As those are going down the page by date, the stage location is also listed down the side. The yellow border makes the poster look unified and easy to read. Yes the print gets super small at the bottom but I’m sure when looking at it in person it is still readable.

~Hanna Cavanagh

Darden Studio


The Darden Studio was founded by Joshua Darden incorporated in New York City. The foundry is known for “typography that will withstand the whims of fashion and embody a clear, unique brand message far into the future.” On their website you can buy the ones listed or contact them directly if you need a typeface designed. I also liked how they described themselves as a holistic studio. The people at Darden approach their work alongside worldly activities. Things like drawing, gardening, music-making, reading and stonecutting are important to their office culture.

Some of their clients include: Crayola, Penguin Random House, Adobe Typekit, Victoria’s Secret, Whole Foods Market and Squarespace.

~Hanna Cavanagh

Example of a Specimen Book


I chose this specimen book made for Didot. The first thing that stood out to me was the color choices. I thought the overall layout was very elegant, giving the typeface that elegant feeling. This booklet shares the anatomy of the font as well as including examples where the font is used in real life. The colors combined with the images and information really attracted my eye as a whole.

~Hanna Cavanagh