Bodoni Ornaments

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The typeface Bodoni was first created by by Giambattista Bodoni, who was a famous printer. He wrote the Manuale Tipografico that was then published in 1818. In the second volume of this book Bodoni Ornaments were introduced. The ornaments consist of various symbols from Arabic, Greek, Russian, Tibetan, and more types. They are elegant symboles that match the style of Bodoni. They have different stroke contrasts throughout the designs, which adds a variation throughout all of them, however allows them to all look the same and belong to a collection. I think that all of these symbols could be used in various instances, however one instance that immediately jumps into my head is at the bottom border in books. One in particular is the Greek Small Letter Pi, as shown below. I think that this is an elegant symbol and would be put in between the page numbers in a book.






Typographic Resources

One of the resources that I found to be personally very interesting and helpful for the future was the Professional Web Typography resource, from the Learning Resources section. In this resource it has a whole section on the history of Web Typrography, which I Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 5.00.00 PM.pngfind to be very interesting especially since I want to go into web design. It talks about how the first type for the interest was greatest in bitmaps and the pixels as the letters were created on the screen. As show in the image to the left, you can see how the pixels on the screen would create the lower case g on the web. This resource guide has various different sections on how to select body text, choosing headings, animating type, and setting type the browser. I think that all of these aspects of web type is very important for anyone going into web design to understand. A lot of people don’t realize how much goes into deciding what font is shown on websites. The internet is used everyday by people all over the world. It is so important to use fonts that is easy for the viewer to read on the screen, as well as being printed out.

Another part of this resource that I found to be interesting was they showed how to link a different font from both typekit and google fonts in javascript. For me, this is something I have to pay close attention to because I will be using this in the future. I liked that they added this into the section because it allowed me to see how they add different kinds of fonts that wouldn’t necessarily be offered on Dreamweaver, however could still be accessed and added to website I could be working on in the future.

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Google Fonts

After looking through the fonts offered on both Google Fonts and Typekit, I found that i liked more of the fonts offered on Google. I also feel like Google was a little easier to use and less complicated to find the fonts. The two fonts I chose that I believe go well together was EB Garamond, and Fjalla One. While one is serif, and the other is sans serif, I feel that they are both elegant looking fonts that compliment eachother very nicely. I believe that when adding different sizes to these fonts it is very easy for the reader to distinguish one being the text, and the other being a title. Both of these fonts are very easy to read, and are easy on the eye. I think that these fonts would look very good in digital advertisments, as well as in web design.

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Expressive Type

In this Cadbury advertisement, they use animation in the type that portrays the idea of motion. Since this is an advertisement for chocolate, I think the animation does a good job by easily showing the viewer what is being advertised. The motion is the chocolate being poured on the wafers. I really like how easy letter in the word “crave” is showing each kind of candy bar at the bottom. It is very easy for the viewer to understand all of the motions from the candy bars, while showing the wrappers beneath it. Overall, I think that the animations and movement of the type make me want to go out and buy the candy to try it myself.


Table of Contents

One table of contents that really stood out to me was from a GQ magazine. I have become very found of the style of having a lot of white space, with the use of Helvetica fonts. This table of contents contains both of the styles that has started to reoccur in all of my projects. I really enjoyed how the table of contents had a very simple grid of boxes to separate the topics and show their page numbers. By having the title bolded and the top of the box, and the page number much larger and bolded at the bottom it is very easy for the reader to understand the format of this page. I love the simplicity in it, and it doesn’t force your eye to look in a complicated way to find the page number, it is straight to the point. I really like how it is only black and white because it looks very elegant and edgy. The only thing I wish that was added to this table on contents is maybe some pictures within the grid lines. I think that this would help the viewer see an image of the topic that would be discussed in that section. Overall, I think this is a very well designed table of contents page.screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-10-39-14-am

Peer Review Specimen Books

Darrel chose to make a type specimen book for Bodomi. I think that Darrel did a very effective job when designing this specimen book. By using yellow, black and white it helps to create an extreme contrast, allowing the typeface to truly stand out. It allows the viewer to focus on the simplicity of the font. I like how the design is very simple, allowing a lot of empty space. By allowing a lot of empty space, it helps portray the personality of the font. Something that helps the book to stand out is the size and shape of it. I think since it is smaller, and more rectangular it is a different way of looking at it, and gives the specimen book more personality like the typeface itself.

Coachella Music Festival

An example of Hierarchy Rhythm is the Coachella music festival poster. I think that overall this poster had a very good feel and depiction of the vibes from this music festival. Coachella is an indie music festival that takes place in California. This festival takes over various weekends, so there is a lot of performers to list in one poster. I think that in order to make this poster more effective and easier to read I think that their should be more leading in between the lines. I think they did a good job with the hierarchy of the titles which indicate the different days of the festival. It helps to easily keep this poster organized. Since they have so many artists to list, they tried to compact it all making it hard to read. Overall I think that the design of the poster stayed true to the overall theme of the concert and related it back nicely.