10th blog post


i really love the designs of these ornaments. i feel like these would work well on a letter head or an invitation to a wedding. i also feel that it can be used on a title page and even on certain business cards for a specific profession.


9th Blog post

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 1.10.21 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-14 at 1.09.56 AM.png

“In the past, technical issues limited how fonts could be used on websites. With Webtype, high-end typography and branding are finally available with a new palette of fonts tailored specifically for the web.” this website offers many good fonts for the web. it allows you to see these fonts in action and purchase as you please. it gives you tips on how to use the fonts and which fonts you should you. also explains how to use sizes of fonts in your website to create a hierarchy. very useful site

Table of Contents


When i was looking up examples of table of contents for my project i came across this one and it caught my eye. i liked the use of white space the designer used in the layout. i also enjoyed how the  designer used photos with similar color schemes and matched the fonts to the photos. i liked how the used their hierarchy. putting the page numbers on the photos and then having the titles in a musty red color.

Peer Review Specimen Book


When looking through the specimen books that all my classmates did, Eliza Greenberg’s book especially caught my eye. I loved the cover of the book! i thought she did a great job laying out all the pages and incorporating many unique geometric shapes. i also enjoyed the colors she used in the book. my favorite page would have to be the page where she used a more abstract feel. i liked how she made it look like the cover.




Hierarchy Rhythm

i personally really like this poster. i feel it does a great job emphasizing the most important information compared to the least important information. i especially love the background they use. at first it seems busy but when you start looking at the details they are very clear. i like how they have the festival locations at the top lined up next to each other and then have the bands and groups that will be playing  listed below it.