Rhythm of Hierarchy

I find this concert poster to be a good example of hierarchy rhythm. The rhythm is “a,b,c,d.” The most important  part is Ben Folds name, in the white, largest text. The second most important information is the name of the event & what it is for (in lilac and pink). Next is the event date, in small, uppercase white type. In small lilac uppercase letters, the last piece of information, is the location of the concert . The capital letters and the colors help the poster look unified. The pink and lilac color go  nicely together on the navy background. The text is also all in the same column, keeping it together.

All of the information in the poster is readable. We can easily tell that this poster is for a Ben Folds concert and by seeing that information we can decide whether or not we are interested and want to read the smaller text to find out more information.
Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 12.05.56 PM.png


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