Blog Post 9

For this blog post I discovered and learned about What I’ve found and actually purchased from is an online subscription that unlocks thousands of fonts for a mere 15$ a month. In the past I’ve always found the differences in font lists across different computers to be a problem, especially when dealing with work horse fonts like Helvetica and Frutiger. With the subscription from, most work horse fonts, and a ton of other fonts become available to use and work with at the click of just a button. Once installed on your computer, their program will sync whatever fonts you choose online with your computer and will allow you to use them in an instant. What’s especially useful to me was that it can be used across multiple computers as well, so when dealing with a unique font at home, I can also work on the same project in class or on campus. not only made working across multiple platforms easier, but unlocking thousands of fonts that i didn’t know existed was also quite pleasant.


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