Blog Post 3 Type House or Foundry . At first glance Darden Studio does an excellent job showcasing their typefaces and showing how they can be used. By rotating their font families in different languages, the viewer gets a really good feel of how each font can be used and how each one is unique and looks. Darden Studio is a typographic studio that produces and publishes the typeface designs of Joshua Darden and those who collaborate with him. Based out of NYC, Darden Studio was founded and ran by Joshua Darden. Joshua Darden published his first typeface at the age of 15, and spent the next decade assisting in the development and production of typefaces until establishing his brooklyn-based studio in 2004. There are four other members of Darden’s studio, Joyce Ketterer, Robert Esmay, Lucas Sharp, and Eben Sorkin. Darden Studio is responsible for 6 different font families : Birra, Corundum, Dapifer, Jubilat, Omnes Pro, and Freight.


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