4th blog post: Hierarchy Rhythm


Above is a music festival flyer for 2013’s Camp Bisco. The first step in the hierarchy that establishes the date and location of the event are separated via font size, and is done quite successfully. However, following the date and location of the event are two separate lists of performers, both separated by color and a nearly unnoticeable change in font size. One can assume that the top list of acts in the orange are headliners and that the bottom list of performers in the blue are openers, but if you weren’t familiar with who exactly the headlining acts were the differentiation between the two could be tough. While the two separate steps in the hierarchy do look unified, its difficult to tell exactly what they’re trying to get across. What’s interesting is that in years following 2013, Camp Bisco made very apparent strides to differentiate the headliners from openers on their fliers. Now, on their 2016 fliers, the hierarchy is very well established.


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