Online Font Libraries

I researched both Google Fonts and Typekit for this blog post assignment. I went ahead and chose Typekit to talk about further.

Typekit is a part of the adobe creative cloud, therefore, it is not free like Google Fonts. At first I thought that Typekit would be similar to Font Squirrel or Dafont, but I was wrong. Typekit is used mainly for web fonts, like webpage design, or in your applications such as indesign or illustrator. Once you purchase the font, it will show up in your font library and you can use it at any time as long as you have the adobe creative cloud.


When using Typekit, you search for the font that you like, and when you click on it, you can experiment with the words that are showcased in the font that you chose. These fonts are created by actual type designers, so you can be sure that the spacing and sizing is true. That is a huge advantage of using Typekit rather than Google Fonts.

When looking for two fonts to use together in a webpage design, I always think of sans serif fonts for the title, and then more of a serif font for the body text. Bold fonts are more valuable online than thin fonts because of the contrast from the bright screen. For this post, I did some research and found that I liked the combination of Quatro for the Title, and vendetta for the body text.


I chose Quatro because of its bold letters and I really liked the “g.” I felt that the serif font, vendetta, balanced out the bold of the title and would be easy to read in a paragraph. I was also attracted to the old-style numbers that the font had.


Author: KassidyKievit

I am a senior at SUNY Oneonta majoring in Computer Art. I hope to work for a creative agency in the future.

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