Typographic Ornament: Hoefler Text


I chose the Hoefler Text Ornaments for my blog about a typographic ornament. Hoefler Text was designed in 1991 and named after its designer, Jonathan Hoefler. Many of the ornaments were designed to work together and to be used as repeating elements than can be locked together in countless ways. The most common use of these are to combine them to imitate the look of hand-engraved ornamental borders. Another common use is combining them to make patterns. The ornament that I picked as my typographic screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-5-12-31-pmornament is the dotted X with a snowflake looking symbol in the center. This ornament is simple and elegant; it can be used for a number of different things, but I my favorite is the use for patterns. With its X shape and a beautiful symbol in the center, it sets up any pattern to be interesting, elegant, and geometric. The website about Hoefler text had plenty of examples of how to use it in a pattern as well–and they are all gorgeous. For being a simple ornament, it has a lot of possibilities. You can find more information about the Hoefler Text Ornaments and even purchase them here.



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