Table of Contents

When looking up  table of contents pages I found a page that I thought was successful. This page has a classic layout; it follows a modular grid and the images are placed on one side of the page opposite to the type. I think this one is successful because  the pictures aligned to the right breaks up the information without disrupting the grid/ layout. I also like the type chosen for the words ” department contents”. I like that one word is bolded and the other is regular. The stacking of the two words is visual pleasing to me. However something is bothering me about the way they chunked information.  I think part of it is the amount of periods between the end of the section of type and the page number. Also I don’t like the amount of space between the subject title (beauty, on the scene, etc) and the block of information. I want that space to be smaller.8515617468_b1481bfd04_b.jpg


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