Typographic Resources – Fontology

The resource that I came across to be the most useful and efficient, is https://www.fonts.com/content/learning/fontology otherwise called, Fontology. After browsing through the site, I came to the conclusion that it is the most organized and easy to understand, while also containing tons of important information. The homepage displays the different pages that you can surf through in a very simple and neat way. The main description of the website is right to the point and motivates you to learn using their website. It is pleasing to me that the discussions about typography are organized into four different levels. Within these levels, there are several different subjects and modules you can go through. The glossary is displayed as the letters of the alphabet which is a very useful experience for a user wanting to learn about typography. This is because they can go through the letters of the alphabet and learn what each definition in typography means without losing their place. Overall, this resource contains valid and organized information that can be extremely useful for an individual interested in the many parts of typography.


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