Online Font Libraries – Google Fonts

For this blog post, I chose to work with Google Fonts because I felt that it was a bit easier to work with than Adobe Typekit. Also, after taking several web design courses and creating many websites using this source, I have had a lot of experience with Google Fonts and have always been fond of their selections.

After searching through the many typefaces on Google Fonts, I chose to pair together Domine and Arapey. These two stood out to me because they are unique, yet simple. There are a lot of typefaces throughout this source that are very childish and unprofessional and I feel that these two do not meet this criteria, while still being a little bit fun.

Not only did I pair the two typefaces together because it is visually pleasing, but for other reasons. One reason being that bolder typefaces look better as headers with a typeface that is a bit condensed. Also, the two are very similar in that they both have serifs, yet they are different fonts. Below you can see the two typefaces next to one another:



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