Identifying Fonts


In analyzing different type faces shown in prominent companies such as FedEx and even Calvin Klein. I noticed the usage of Futura occurs a lot. Futura has many different weights and therefore makes it that much more versatile.

Taking a look at FedEx’s logo and their usage of Futura. They went for a more bold look and even had a hard to miss meaning if you were not looking for it within it’s logo. The arrow! The arrow is a symbol to say how quick and speedy their services are. I enjoy that use of Futura. 

Looking at Calvin Klein’s logo, I greatly enjoy taking a look at the simplicity of the logo. Calvin is a fashion designer and having a logo as clean and simple as that show his elegance. Also a great use of Futura.

These different uses of Futura on a smaller scale showcases its simplicity as well as its boldness. I really enjoy this font and I think it makes a statement.


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