Table of Contents

For an example of a well designed table of contents, I found one from an issue of Money Magazine. What struck out to me about this page was the amount of information that it was able to include while looking still looking well organized and uncluttered. The page seems to be broken up into four horizontal columns. The typographic emphasis is done well, with “Contents” as the largest element and information about an article the smallest element. I also like the colors used and how they were used sparingly. The black lines are also helpful in breaking up the different sections, making it easier to read. The photograph they used is a nice large size on the page and the background in the photo of crates and frames draws my interest as to what is going on in the photo. I also liked the large number placed in the photo, that is easy to see, but not overwhelming on the photo. Everything on the page fits well together, giving the table an elegant, clean look.



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