Table of Contents

One table of contents that really stood out to me was from a GQ magazine. I have become very found of the style of having a lot of white space, with the use of Helvetica fonts. This table of contents contains both of the styles that has started to reoccur in all of my projects. I really enjoyed how the table of contents had a very simple grid of boxes to separate the topics and show their page numbers. By having the title bolded and the top of the box, and the page number much larger and bolded at the bottom it is very easy for the reader to understand the format of this page. I love the simplicity in it, and it doesn’t force your eye to look in a complicated way to find the page number, it is straight to the point. I really like how it is only black and white because it looks very elegant and edgy. The only thing I wish that was added to this table on contents is maybe some pictures within the grid lines. I think that this would help the viewer see an image of the topic that would be discussed in that section. Overall, I think this is a very well designed table of contents page.screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-10-39-14-am


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