Table of Contents

Seventeen magazine uses a very energetic and busy table of contents, but the information is organized nicely and it is easy to distinguish between articles and categories. A modular grid is utilized, and it seems that some of the images break this grid, while the text follows it for the most part, keeping the page balanced. Typographic emphasis is placed first on the catagories of articles, as distinguished from the bright pink boxes and the size of the text. Next is the article title and page number, separated by color, and finally the description of the article is least important. This magazine is written for teenagers to read; mostly teen girls, so the images and colors used are bold and bright, and the page is kept busy, with no large areas of white space to “bore” the younger reader. The table of contents captures the style of the magazine as a whole, and sets the reader up for a design style that continues throughout the rest of the magazine.



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