National Geographic

National Geographic is well-known for their use of amazing photography throughout their magazines. So, I decided to do some research on their table of contents. During my research I found the table of contents attached below:

table of contents.jpg

This specific table of contents in their December 2009 magazine caught my attention.

The use of color to draw attention to the page numbers, department titles, and the magazines addition/date; helps the reader decided on what page or section of the magazine they want to visit.

The use of the photo down the center of the page creates a division between the features and departments, but also creates a mood  for the rest of the magazine. The way this photo was used to create this effect was well-designed.

As for the underlying grid, I am not completely sure what was used. In a way it looks like a modular grid but I don’t think it is symmetrical enough, but the grid has 3 obvious columns.

I plan to use elements from this table of contents to help draw inspiration for my project on modern farmer.


Author: kaylaray16

SUNY Oneonta Graduate Fall 2016 Graphic Designer and Digital Photographer Motivated•Determined•Skilled•Creative

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