Hierarchy Rhythm

For this blog post, I found this poster for the Mission Ridge Mountain Music Festival that uses an “a, b, c” rhythm of hierarchy. The rhythm of hierarchy that is utilized here is very clear and unified. The name of the festival is obviously the biggest & boldest and is at the top to make sure the viewer remembers the name of the event. The designer then makes the next chunk of information, being the dates & times of the event, smaller but in different colors to make it stand out. I like how the day of the week and time are in green & orange but the date is black & bold. Even though the date is smaller, the dark boldness of it gives it emphasis. Where this event is located is also the same hierarchy even though it is located at the very bottom. The lowest level of hierarchy is the names of the performers being the smallest and most squished together. If I had to make a change, I would change the color of the small text of the performers as the green could be hard to read on that gray background. Other than that however, I felt that the designer of this poster did a great job at advertising this event and utilizing the “a, b, c” rhythm of hierarchy.



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