Peer Review Specimen Books

I absolutely loved Darrel’s specimen book on the typeface Badoni. I enjoyed seeing all of the ornaments that the typeface provides throughout the book. Although this wasn’t on purpose, one of my favorite things about this booklet was the petit size. If it was meant to be the 5ish inches by 3ish inches that it was, and the fonts were sized correctly at these dimensions, it would be perfect. Darrel used colors like gold and black to show regality and represent royalty because he was influenced by the ornament that looked like a crown. The quote that he referenced, “Plenty of white space and generous line spacing, and don’t make the type size too miserly. Then you will be assured of a product fit for a king,” was really the foundation for his design.

I remember when Darrel was presenting his specimen book he did a very nice job. The way that he spoke about his piece was very convincing and would make any potential buyer want to purchase this font. His layout of the specimen book really shows off the typeface in a positive way. Badoni is an elegant font in my opinion and the way that he didn’t overcrowd any of his pages was pleasing to the eye. He definitely displayed all of the families of the typeface including the small caps.


Author: KassidyKievit

I am a senior at SUNY Oneonta majoring in Computer Art. I hope to work for a creative agency in the future.

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