Peer Review

Catherine did a good job of presenting the information in a clear and concise way. By

creating a booklet she was able to chunk the information into groups, which helps the

learner to not get overwhelmed by the material. She began by showing the different lines

(ascender, descender, etc), then moved on to serif vs. sans serif and then the differences

between the type families (roman, italic, bold), then she did a few pages with the letters

of the alphabet and dissected them for the typographic anatomy section, and then she

finished by giving the learner questions for identifying typefaces. I think she chunked the

information well; however one critique would be to keep all of the questions together,

some page rearranging would be good. Also it may be helpful for the serif vs. sans serif

to come after the type anatomy section because at the point where serif vs. sans serif

comes up, the learner hasn’t learned what serif means yet. So I would put the section at

the end of the book.

The color scheme works really well; there’s a nice contrast of the muted gray-blue border

and the red type and burnt orange color. The colors pop without being too in your face,

which is nice especially for teaching someone. I also really like the size of the booklet; it

fits in the hand pretty well and it’s easy to flip through. The small booklet makes it feel

more personable and not intimidating for the learner.


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