Hierarchy Rhythm

For this blog post, I chose a poster for a music festival entitled “Whole Earth Festival.”  In my opinion this work has an a b c rhythm of type hierarchy which is clear and easy to read.  The title, the dates, and the artists playing are clearly stated as different pieces of information.  The hierarchy is created with different colors for the type, and the font size increases or decreases depending on importance.  The more popular artists also have a bigger font size to grab the audiences attention.  The light color against the complicated background design also compliments the piece because it does not take away from any element.  The text also switches from justified right and justified left which I found a good addition to the poster because it gives the text more space and easier readability.  Additionally, they have added social media icons, the organization title, and a little memo about alcohol free and zero waste event which to me is very personal.  poster2-647x1000.png


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