Rhythm of Hierarchy – CounterPoint Music and Arts Festival

The CounterPoint Music and Arts Festival 2014 poster utilized the “a, b, c, …” rhythm hierarchy very well. When trying to find a music schedule to write about, I found that a decent amount of them had listed the bands in the same size font and chunked together. In my opinion, grouping the information like that made it very difficult to differentiate the names from one another, even while separated by a dot or a line. The 2014 CounterPoint poster, however, used different font sizes to clearly display a hierarchy of importance. The top of the poster lists the title of the event in a very large font, the date in a slightly smaller font, and the location of the festival underneath in an even slightly smaller font size than the previous one. The band names were listed in the same “a, b, c, …” rhythmic hierarchy. The headlining band was listed at the top in a much larger font than the other bands listed, and the font size gradually decreased. Having a fairly simple, cohesive color scheme definitely helped keep the information more unified.



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