Peer Review Specimen Books: Frutiger


For my peer review of the type specimen book, I choose Hanna Cavanagh’s Frutiger. Her book really made me take a closer look at the typeface; I had no idea it was the typeface screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-7-17-26-pmused in some airports and this book helped me make that connection–especially with the subtle hints and actual photos of airport signs. This book gives Frutiger’s purpose a personality. Throughout the different signs, type sizes, arrows, and colors, the reader is making a connection with Frutiger and airports/directions. To me, that really shows Frutiger to its advantage. The parts of this booklet that really stood out to me where the front/back covers, the hand-drawn letters, and the runway with an airplane on it. The covers really signal direction and that you screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-7-16-41-pmare entering and exiting the book, just like an airport would. The runway with a plane also flows well with the category of airports and I think it was a beautiful graphic to include. The hand-drawn letters were unique to me; they added a fun, appealingĀ element to the book. I think this book covers just about everything included with the personality and purposes of Frutiger and I wouldn’t add anything else.



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