Hierarchy Rhythm

I found a schedule made for the Firefly festival that uses different sized fonts to create a hierarchy. What the poster does well is that it is well organized and easy to use. The elements are not crowded together, like in some other posters I looked at. One problem that I saw was that the day of the week is the largest type element on the page, even larger that the event name, which seems like the most important element. The size of the day of the week does, however, appear well proportioned with the other elements. The next largest element was the venue that the concerts were held at. After that is the performer, with the time they are performing slightly smaller. I do feel that the venues listed could be slightly larger to better distinguish it on the page.  Overall, I felt that the grid, used with the hierarchical type made the schedule very easy to use. The grid is what allowed the type to be similar in size and still work and look fairly unified. The color scheme and limited amount of typefaces also made the posted appear unified. I feel that this poster could be improved by creating a slightly clearer hierarchy of the different elements.



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