Hierarchy Rhythm

The snowball schedule attached below has organization by the use of hierarchy through color and font. The use of the different fonts for each event (some larger than others) creates a hierarchy of importance. Also the use of two different tones of blue for the different locations is successful. The ribbons that include the dates is also a good technique to bring that information to the foreground. The image behind the title, location, and date creates depth and is overall successful because of the use of minimal color.

I think this particular schedule is successful. The only thing I would change is the use of all the fonts. Some people might find this distracting or confusing; I don’t feel this way. The use of the different blues is what I feel keeps the schedule unified.



Author: kaylaray16

SUNY Oneonta Graduate Fall 2016 Graphic Designer and Digital Photographer Motivated•Determined•Skilled•Creative

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