Type Hierarchy in Paradiso Festival

I found a schedule for a music festival called Paradiso that utilized an “a, b, c,…” rhythm of type hierarchy very well. In the many schedules that I looked through, this schedule stood out the most because before I even clicked on the image to make it larger to actually read the text, I noticed how well-organized the text was. The schedule is first separated into days, with the date being the largest piece of text on the page other than the title. From there, it can be easily seen what location each event will be located at; the horizontal bar under the location and the spacing between each location chunks the text nicely. Underneath the locations, the time of each performance and the artist performing is listed. This section is well done because is packs a lot of small text into a small space, but because of the space between time and artist, and the fact that the artists are listed in a different color, makes the information appear clearly separates and easy to read. The overall use of a singular, clean sans serif font aids in the readability of this schedule, and the text color stands out from the background enough that no text gets lost or is hard to comprehend. Overall, this music festival poster is successful in displaying a lot of information in a small space in a way that feels unified and well put together.


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