Hierarchy Rhythm: III Points Music Festival


III Points Music Festival

I found that this music festival schedule has a nice “a, b, c..” rhythm of type hierarchy. The hierarchy is created by the dates having the largest and boldest type, then the category having a smaller and less bold type than the dates, and the names of the artists being in a more regular-like type. The color scheme helps unify this schedule–specifically the grays, blacks, and whites. The color dayflyer_all_web_finaldifference in the days, the placement of the different days, the use of forward slashes, and the same layout for each day help unify the page; they also indicate that the days are in the same category and mean the same thing, yet still separate. These various elements show a clear hierarchy on the page. There is a lot I like about this schedule. Something that this schedule does very well is present a lot of information in a very clean, appealing way. They did this by using a simple typeface and mostly neutral colors. I really enjoy the moon that has wings at the top of the page, and I like the pop of color to represent the different days. Overall, this schedule gives me a feel for a music festival in the genre they are depicting. One thing that does bother me about this schedule is the box around the location at the bottom of the page. I’ve never really liked the look of text that is put in a box like that, so I would just take it out of the box and change the type color. I also might pick other colors to represent the different days. I looked at quite a few music schedules before I picked this one, and this one is my favorite by far. Many others I looked at lacked organization and a clear separation of the days. To view this music schedule, visit iiipoints.com.




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