MyFonts is a Font House that has been around for a short time compared to other Font Houses and Foundries. It originated as a digital font supplier in 1999, and has continued that status up to the present.

MyFonts has a wide range of fonts available for purchase, including desktop, web font, digital ad, app, epub, and server fonts, with limitations for each that change in price as the user/consumer amount changes. The fonts that MyFonts supplies have a wide range of uses and purposes; text type, display type, and novelty fonts.

One of the main features MyFonts is known for is the ability to recognize a specific font from an uploaded image. Called “WhatTheFont”, this feature lets the user upload a photo of a specific logo or piece of type, and the system will pick out specific letters that can be used to recognize the font and display a list of potential options for what that font could be. It is very useful and saves time when a particular font name is needed but the user does not know what the exact font is. Other than WhatTheFont, this type house also has a newsletter that is continuously updated.

To visit MyFonts, click here.


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