Founder and director of YOUWORKFORTHEM,  Michael Paul Young, has had a Type House for almost 20 years and many popular companies have used their fonts to represent them; such as, Apple, Nike, Disney, and Starbucks. YOUWORKFORTHEM is known as a retailer, but feel they are a foundry. They do carry a lot of other people’s fonts, but still produce their own unique fonts.

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 4.12.26 PM.png

As a company they have 104 products! Ranging from fonts such as, YWFT Mr Hyde to YWFT Agostina Alternate. YOUWORKFORTHEM currently provides 47,915 fonts from hundreds of different font foundries.

The website states, “YOUWORKFORTHEM is known for our unique niche-and designer-oriented font library, we offer easy, affordable Desktop licenses for OpenType and TrueType fonts, along with WebFont, ePub and Mobile App licenses. You can easily purchase all of these licenses from each product page, and if you need custom license options, we’re happy to negotiate anything you may need. Best of all, you automatically receive 10% back in store credit for every $50 you accumulate, as well as saving big when you buy the Desktop and WebFont licenses together.”

A font provided by the website that caught my eye was a script typeface called Hummington. This specific typeface is described as”an elegant script typeface with a bunch of opentype features to make your design and digital lettering look more outstanding and fun. Hummington contains 700+ total characters, 16+ stylistic set alternates, elegant swashes, unique ligatures, oldstyle figures, multilanguage support and much more.” The font is truly beautiful and costs $20 for the Desktop Openfont and Webfont, if bought together.

I recommend everyone to check out this site: YOUWORKFORTHEM


Author: kaylaray16

SUNY Oneonta Graduate Fall 2016 Graphic Designer and Digital Photographer Motivated•Determined•Skilled•Creative

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