Monotype is one of the world’s best-known providers of type-related products, technologies and expertise. The founders of Monotype stress the importance of past typefaces, but aim to always produce new, innovative and creative typefaces for their clients. Monotype has over 20,000 typefaces, including some of the most famous and widely-used fonts such as the Helvetica®, Univers® and Frutiger® typeface families.

Monotype has fonts for every medium, including print, web, games, apps, cars, and digital ads. In fact, they have developed advanced software to render, scale, optimize and display type on screen as vividly as ink on paper, on any device. Their core technologies keep memory and efficiency top-of-mind. Some of their newest fonts for print are FREE to download!

Monotype also has a page dedicated to type resources for designers and brand owners. These resources include webinars, ebooks, case studies, and more.


To learn more about Monotype and what they have to offer, click here.




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