itc_image_4International Typeface Corporation is one of the most successful types of the 1970’s and 1980’s. This font has over 1,65o designs created by various creative professionals. ITC originally began as Lubalin, Burns & Co and they called themselves “the first typo-graphics agency.” The company was founded to design, license and market typefaces for computer set types internationally. ITC is very different from other fonts in the sense that it is not limited to a specific style and personality of a font. It is composed of various designers, as well as different font families. The most popular ITC font’s are ITC Avant Garde Gothic family, ITC Berkely Oldstyle design, ITC Garamond, and ITC Franklin Gothic families. This font is most commonly seen at advertising agencies and design studios. This font is most successful still to this day because of how perfectly suited all the fonts are for today’s digital era. When purchasing ITC for $14.99/month you can receive access to over 2,200 families of ITC including the most popular, and new releases.

To learn more about ITC:






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