Rockwell Type Specimen Book

I found this font specimen book created by Nada Alraddadi on Behance. I love the way she extends the length of some of the lines in the text to make them run off of the page or lead to another element on the page (See the 4 in 1934 and the G and b in the Rockwell Light page). The way she displayed the Rockwell Italic is really cool. I takes up both pages and is simple with the word “italic” and the two lines and section of color. Rockwell Bold is displayed in a similar way (see on Behance). The upside down text in the bottom picture “& bold” looks awesome as a part of the “powerful & bold,” it’s more interesting and unique than if it were all going in the same direction. Nada did a great job of arranging the letters in the first photo. The different sizes and directions of text are chaotic, but the white area in between the large O create a resting place for the viewer. Overall, I really enjoy Nada’s design style and her use of colors. She displays the Rockwell font in a beautiful and sophisticated way.



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