Example of a Specimen Book

During my searches throughout the internet for different type of specimen books, I have realized that they are so interesting to me! Each book has its very own unique design and color scheme that really catches my eye. The artists of each book have the freedom to do whatever they want to the pages, as long as it shows the font that they are displaying in the best possible way. I like that one page of a specimen book could be black with just a white letter a, large and center, while the next page could have the blocks of type that show letting. I find these books intriguing.


This example of a type specimen book for the font baskerville, really caught my attention. I liked the use of the different tints of grey while still using white, and then the bright yellow floating across the spread. This layout is really nice because it includes the name of the font (both easily readable along the middle, and then tangled and mixed up in the bright yellow). All of the uppercase letters are shown together as well as the lowercase letterforms underneath. The numbers are included on the first page also. On the darker grey side with the chaos of the yellow title, there are words such as “perfection,” and “simplicity,” which might describe the font that they are trying to promote. Overall, I think this spread of the Baskerville specimen book is very well done.

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Author: KassidyKievit

I am a senior at SUNY Oneonta majoring in Computer Art. I hope to work for a creative agency in the future.

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