Alda Type Specimen Book


The type specimen book that I enjoyed looking at the most was a book for the typeface Alda. The page spread that I found to be the most eye-catching was pages 8 and 9. This spread not only displayed the typeface in each available style and weight, it also showed the very beginning stages of the design. It is interesting to look on page 9 to see how Alda originated, then look back on page 8 and see how it evolved in each variation. The colors used in this book, and shown on this spread, give Alda a warm, inviting feeling that would not be there if other colors were used. Another aspect of the design of this spread that I really like is; the block to type that is on the right that explains what the picture below it is also shown on the page on the left, just larger and colored orange. This book has a habit of including the blocks of text in the actual design in various ways, and I find that it ties the book together and makes it a cohesive work. After viewing this specimen book for Alda, I am more inclined to want to use this font in my designs.

Link to Book



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