Rockwell Specimen Book

The Type Specimen Book on Rockwell created by Kirsten Fraude Design that I discovered while visiting the Cargo website is well designed. The designers use of repetition of the word “Rockwell” on the cover and the repetition of the letter “V” on the history page is very effective. The choice on color is also effective and easy to look at. The colors are not so bold they are distracting, but yet they are pleasing to the eye.


Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 2.05.46 PM.png

As you travel farther into the Specimen Book the designer has created pages on the different features of the Rockwell Typeface. The spreads are simple and easy to understand. I specifically like the “Rockwell is Geometric” page because of the simplicity and the use of the lines on the “R” to clarify how it is geometric. If I was to receive this Specimen Book I would highly consider purchasing the Rockwell Typeface.


Author: kaylaray16

SUNY Oneonta Graduate Fall 2016 Graphic Designer and Digital Photographer Motivated•Determined•Skilled•Creative

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