Futura Type Specimen Book

After looking at this page in this Futura type specimen book, it definitely makes me want to use that font. I am already a strong user of Futura and I think that this page gives a great depiction of it for several reasons. First, the way that the word is written out on the right page with the layers on it makes the font look very futuristic. I feel that when people hear “Futura” they think “futuristic” because of the way that it sounds. Also, the font is pretty futuristic itself anyways. Secondly, I like the way it is written over and over next to each other because it shows that the font looks nice and not too condensed when maybe writing a paragraph. Lastly, I like the simplicity of the font and how it looks on the left page as well. It doesn’t jump out at you too much and when you choose the right color like they did in the specimen book, it looks very neat and readable. You can find a photo of the Futura type specimen page below:



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