Wacom logo

I have a small Wacom tablet sitting next to me so I figured to give the logo a whirl. I brought the logo into WhatTheFont and discovered something interesting, the best suggestion is called Moderna Unicase Medium. Unicase indicates there are no upper/lowercase letters in this font, it’s just one alphabet. Moderna was designed by Mendoza Vergara in 2013 and it’s described as “a sans serif family inspired in simplicity of Modernism.” This typeface coincides well with Wacom, a modern technology-based company. As you see in the pictures below, the W,O, and M are exactly the same, but Wacom slightly changed the A and C. The A no longer has a bowl/counter since the top of the counter is disconnected to the stem. The terminals on the C in the logo have been cut down to open up the space in the letter. Overall this font is neutral and clean and Wacom did a good job creating minor changes to make it unique.



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