Identifying Fonts: Birkenstock Logo


While thinking of a type to identify, the Birkenstock logo was one of the first things to come to mind. The type is unique in many different ways. It has a bold, rounded feel. The counter of the O is squished, the top of the T is short and stubby, the C is rather squished as well, and the legsscreenshot-birkenstock of both the R and the K directly touch the stem. Additionally, where the tails and the stems meet, it is rounded off.

To help me discover what font this was, I uploaded the logo to However, the type identifier wasn’t very helpful. It came up with several fonts that looked similar, but none that matched it exactly. I tried the question identifier on identifont with no luck as well. So, I took to google to see if anybody else knew what it was, but it appears that the type is unidentified thus far. This makes me believe that Birkenstock took one of these fonts and slightly altered it to make it their own. Out of the fonts suggested fonts, I would say that this looks most like Bernino Sans Compressed ExtraBold.



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