iPhone Logo

I am a strong supporter of Apple and I posses several of their products. This led me to an interest in finding the font that is used for the iPhone. After conducting some research, I learned that Apple has used a variety of different typefaces over the year which range from Helvetica Black to Gill Sans to Helvetica Neue. It is interesting to me that they have used so many different typefaces yet the logo always has come off as a bold, sans-serif font style. After going on WhatTheFont.com and submitting an image of one of the iPhone logo’s, I found that one of the fonts that Apple uses may be Anago Medium. I believe this is correct because of the similarity of the “lobe” within the “P.” Another reason why I feel that this is the correct font is because of the similarity in the “shoulder’s” of the “h” and the “n.” Below is a photo of the logo as well as a snapshot of the search that I found on WhatTheFont.com.




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