Honest Tea Font


Earlier I was drinking a peach flavored Honest Tea. I admire the label on this product so I decided to identify the logo’s typeface. This serif font has a contrast in stroke weights. You can see this contrast by looking at the crossbar of the”H” and the spine of the “s”. Along with the stroke weights, the terminals on the end of the “t” and the “a” can help distinguish the typeface from others that are similar.

I used fonsquirrel.com to assist me in identifying the typeface. Honest Tea uses the CA Normal Serif ExtraBold Typeface. The description on fontspring.com says that CA Normal Serif is in between a modern and slab-serif typeface. CA Normal Serif was created by Cape Arcona Type Foundry to be a brother font of CA Normal.

I think they may have modified the typeface slightly for the logo, specifically the “n”. Overall I think this typeface works well with the logo. I like the decorative “t”. It works with the typeface nicely and makes sense for the product.



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