Chobani Typeface

I decided to discover the typeface used by Chobani Greek Yogurt. Chobani is a well-known, international, yogurt company based out of New Berlin, NY. It may be well-known by others from seeing the yogurt on the shelves at stores or in the news. But Chobani has become well-known to me personally because I happen to live right down the road from the company and know many people who are employed there.

Chobani uses the broadband regular typeface created by Grant Hutchinson on their tractor trailers, yogurt cups, banners, and advertisements. I found this typeface by using WhatTheFont, identifont, and Google. The font is a sans-serif, with longer crossbars on the “H”, “B”, and “A”, the counter of the “O” is perfectly round, the “U” has no spur, and the”I” is just a straight line; these indicators helped me narrow the results down.

I think the font Chobani chose for their company was well planned; easy to read and it has beautiful crossbars.



Author: kaylaray16

SUNY Oneonta Graduate Fall 2016 Graphic Designer and Digital Photographer Motivated•Determined•Skilled•Creative

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